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Our Vape Shops

Our Vape Shops

Our online vape store—that's the one that you're on right now—is world-class, but our local Vape shops is where the rubber really meets the road. It's in our Vape shops that we give a face to the business and meet one-on-one with the people in the neighbourhoods that we work.

Use the map below to find your nearest Vape shop.

Our Vape Shops

We have six Vape shops concentrated around London in the North East. That means that for many of you, a great vape is just a short trip away!

If you're not living in London or the North East, you may be keen to know that we offer free delivery across most of the United Kingdom. And even if you do live in London or the North East, a quick trip to our online store may just be the easiest way to have your new vape gear delivered right to your door.


85 The Parade, Watford

WD17 1LN

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315 Ruislip Road East, Greenford


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4 Whitworth Rd, Peterlee


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365 Station Rd, Harrow


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Unit 20A, Beehive Workshops

Dragonville Ind Est, Durham


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321 Q Mayoral Way, Team Valley, Gateshead

NE11 0RT

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Your local Vape shop isn't just a great place to pick up the latest and greatest in cloud-chucking technology—it's also one of the best places to catch up, talk vaping, make friends, or find support if you're looking to quit smoking.

If your vape isn't working the way that it ought to be, you'll find cumulative decades of experience within our stores. One of the Vape staff is bound to have the technical know-how to get you out of your fix.

If you're looking to quit smoking, rest assured that you're in good company. A significant proportion of our staff have used vaping to help them stop smoking, and they'll be happy to provide support and assistance as you make, let's face it, a difficult lifestyle change.

Or if you're just looking for a bit of a change of pace, our staff will be able to point you to your next favourite e-liquid. We don't have the data on this one but we reckon that between all of the people that work at our stores, we've tried just about every flavour out there. We know we'll be able to find the right one for you.

Or even if you just looking for some like-minded people, swing on by. We make a point of only hiring good folks, and we've been known to throw a mean barbecue out in front of our stores every now and again.

So find your local vape store using the map above and come down to say hello. We'll be glad to meet you.