Vapourlites’ special summer offer means there has never been a better time to stop smoking and start vaping! And if you’re already a vaper, then now is the perfect time to stock up on some vaping goodies as you will receive a FREE VL7 Premium Starter Kit when you spend over £50 at the Vapourlites online store. Even if you wouldn’t normally spend that much in one go, it is worth your while to shop for the future so you can take advantage of this great offer.

What’s Included in the VL7 Premium Starter Kit

The free VL7 Premium Starter Kit includes a battery, USB charger and six cartomizers. The kit is worth £19.99 on its own so it’s no small freebie, and all you have to do is spend over £50 in our store and it will be automatically included in your order, but be quick because the offer can only last while the stock does.

Expand and Enhance Your Vaping Experience

£50 is very easy to spend and it is actually a lot less than most twenty-a-day smokers spend on cigarettes in a week. There’s loads of ways to make up the £50, but here’s some ideas to get you thinking….

If you’re using the cig-a-like products already then you could simply stock up on cartomizers and you’ll benefit from 6 more for free, plus the spare battery and USB charger – and you can never have too many of those can you!

Or, you could grab yourself a Vapourlites 510+ Clearomizer which is specially designed to fit the cig-a-like batteries, but can be refilled with e-liquid and removes the need to buy pre-filled cartomizers.  One of these and 12 bottles of our 100% UK Manufactured Pharma+ E-Liquid will take you over the £50 mark by just 87p, and provide the rest of the kit you need in the form of the VL7 starter kit.

Another option would be to buy 7 or 8 bottles of e-liquid along with an eGo Starter Kit which you might prefer to use as your main vape, then keep the free VL7 as your back-up or offer it as a gift to someone you want to help quit smoking. The free VL7 Premium Starter Kit would actually make an ideal present for someone you want to help make the switch from smoking to vaping. Your smoker friend can experience vaping for free while you stock up on everything you need for the foreseeable future. Everyone’s a winner.

Become a Vaping Connoisseur

There are plenty of combinations you can make to bring the purchase over £50 from stocking up on cartomizers and other accessories to sampling all the different e-liquid flavours. Why not sample all of the flavours and then post a review of them all online – we’d love to see it! Don’t forget that all Vapourlites e-liquids are 100% manufactured in the UK according to UK pharmaceutical regulations, so you are guaranteed the best quality e-juice available today.

Remember the offer can only last as long as the stock does, so start perusing our product selections as soon as you can.