E-Cigs In The News – August, 2013

Merthyr Town stadium named after E-cigarette

Merthyr Town, a Southern League football club, have renamed their ground after their new sponsor, an electronic cigarette company who have opened a shop in their town. Despite the stability that this promotion brings the club which has been funded by fans since going in to liquidation in 2010, club officials are still under fire from medical professionals who say that the marketing of e-cigs should be restricted.

BMA Cymru Wales agrees that the use of electric cigarettes needed to be regulated “to ensure that they are safe, quality assured and effective at helping smokers to cut down or quit”.

A club spokesman simply said “I’ve got an open mind”

Tram driver is snapped smoking e-cigarette at controls

The Manchester Evening News has reported this week that a tram driver was photographed enjoying an electronic cigarette while driving. The passenger noticed that the female driver pulled an e-cig from her handbag while the tram halted at Shudehill, and then vaped while driving for several more stops. According to the discontented passenger, “What I saw wasn’t acceptable. I couldn’t believe it when she pulled out an e-cigarette. It’s clearly a distraction and the driver shouldn’t have anything that’s distracting.”

Manchurians who are aware of the case tend to be liberal-minded in their reaction, harking back to the days when bus drivers back in the 70’s smoked while driving without a comment from anybody. Many actually applaud the accused, commenting that e-cigs are safe and are a testament to the tram driver’s commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Two arrested in e-cigarette mugging

Beaten up for an e-cig? It must have been a Vapourlite! Seriously, though, this story is a little on the bizarre side. A resident of San Mateo, California, was visiting some local friends when two of his acquaintances started attacking him. The incapacitated victim was then robbed of his shoes and his electronic cigarette!

Eventually the victim was able to get the police involved, who located the two suspects in a local parking lot. One of the suspects had the stolen e cig on his person. The two suspects were arrested.

E-cigarettes become the most popular UK 'quitting aid' with 1.3 million users

1.3 million e-cigarette users can’t be wrong! Over 25 percent of attempts to stop smoking in the UK are now supported by e-cigs, which trumps other popular cessation aids such as nicotine patches and gum.

Senior University Lecturer, Dr Lynne Dawkins – an independent researcher – has found that since 2009 the number of people using e cigs has risen to a record level, the trend doubling each year.

E-cig manufacturers in the UK do not make any claims that they help smokers quit – which would be a medicinal claim. ECITA, the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association, states that the devices should be allowed to compete with traditional cigarettes.

Peter Beckett, Spokesman for ECITA said: “Electronic cigarettes are designed to help those who cannot or will not quit using nicotine altogether. They compete with cigarettes, providing an experience that smokers recognise without the toxins and carcinogens that result from burning tobacco.”

YouTube E-cig review: Vapourlites ‘put NJOY to shame’

Any vapers who has logged onto YouTube this month many seen the Vapourlites review by the popular e-cig reviewer, TheSmokenjoey. Although this American reviewer was not all that familiar with UK e-cigs, he was impressed with Vapourlites from the word go. Price, charge time, nicotine levels and vaping lifespan per e-cig were given a big thumbs-up right off the bat.

Comparisons to American smokeless cigarette brands came thick and fast, with Vapourlites coming up trumps with everything from the brightness of the blue LED tip (some LED tips are just too ridiculously bright, but Vapourlites is just right), their excellent customer service (he’d lodged a fake complaint and received immediate action), and the satisfying nicotine throat hit.

TheSmokenjoey liked the ‘bang for your buck’ you get for the cartridge, which is bigger than most US cartridges – cartridges which, he was enthusiastic to point out, have an warranty, unlike most cartridges he’s tried.

Where TheSmokenjoey was really bowled over was with the Vapourlites disposable. Not only was he impressed with the great price as compared to US disposables like the NJOY King which, he enthuses, lasts four times longer than the completion and “puts the NJOY King to shame”.

Chris Polenski
Chris Polenski